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Loyalty Membership

Bootcamp Loyalty Member enjoy:

  • It is an ideal option for people who do shift work, travel regularly, play other sports or who are just Bootcamp addicts and can't get enough of it!
  • Free choice of classes in any location, at any time, as often as you like for the duration of your membership
  • An Exclusive Under Armour Bootcamp Ireland T-Shirt (while stocks last)
  • Priorty booking for any Bootcamp event
  • Two "Free Passes" for you to give to a friend to try out a class

This Programme is ideal for members who would like to attend Bootcamp on a more regular and long term basis, and who would like added flexibility to avail of our various different locations to train! It works like an unlimited pass, offering you unlimited access to all our classes, whenever, where ever and as often you like!

It also includes our Bonus Saturday Classes run all year round. Loyalty members can train in any of our Saturday locations nationwide. So that includes Bushy Park, Herbert Park and Phoenix Park. We occassionly run HiiT Saturday sessions too at 10am in Phoenix and Herbert park. (see timetable for dates)


1. How to register as a Bootcamp Ireland Loyalty Member:

To become a Loyalty Member, simply log in to your account here, click on "Book & View my Sessions" as normal and select  whichever Loyalty Membership  option you want from the drop down menu. That's it! You are then a fully fledged Loyalty Member and will be on all our class lists!

2. Pay Here for Loyalty Membership Details:

  • Annual Loyalty Membership (12 Months) for €599. (Saving you over €250.00 based on €99.00 for 6 weeks) PAY NOW VIA PAYPAL
  • 24 Week Loyalty for €299. (Saving you nearly €100.00 based on €99.00 for 6 weeks) PAY NOW VIA PAYPAL
  • You can also pay cash at class on the first night of your session

The membership is non-transferable, and non-refundable. Timetables are subject to change and members will be notified by email. 

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